October 7, 2017
Discover Morocco

The Great Waterfalls of Morocco

Having a major part of Atlas Mountains, Mediterranean Sea, and Atlantic Ocean Morocco has the best and the most beautiful waterfalls of all times. These waterfalls will not only chill your mood and mind but will also give you peace that will please and make you feel as if you are in paradise.

Along with the amazing scenes and sceneries, the monkeys and the greenery in the midst of the waterfall, further lights up your mood. So, let us have a look at the best waterfalls in Morocco

Ouzoud Waterfall

Ouzoud is truly a hidden gem of Morocco which not only consists of the most beautiful scenes of rainbows and monkeys but will give you a pleasure to enjoy various sports activities and have fun in the water. Ouzoud got its name from the Berber practice of ‘grinding the grains’ which is called as Ouzoud. This is because of the shapes of the trees from which water seems to emerge in this waterfall shows similarity to the practice of grinding grain in the mills. You might go till Marrakech and it is not very difficult to reach Ouzoud from Marrakech. Just ask your trip advisor or hotel manager and beware of the guide and explore this classic waterfall of Morocco. There are also a number of gift shops where you can buy cosmetic of ancient Berber touch and enhance your beauty. You can also enjoy swimming and playing in water which I another amazing thing about Ouzada. The monkeys playing in the greenery, the classic view of the rainbow and the cool environment with water drops everywhere will truly give you a next to heaven experience.
Unidentified man gets the famous waterfall of Setti Fatma, Morocco

Setti Fatma in Marrakech

The Setti Fatma et les 7 Cascades is another beautiful waterfall in Morocco which you can explore in Morocco and appreciate the Moroccan beauty. This waterfall and valley is famous for adventurous water sports. From water surfing to river rafting a lot of activities can be enjoyed in the assistance of experts. Also the beautiful sceneries of this Setti Fatma will please you further. These 7 Cascades are really a great part of Moroccan beauty to be explored and to be looked at. So on your trip to Morocco do not forget to explore these wonderful cascade of Setti Fatma waterfall and get in touch with the real beauty of Marrakech.

Apart from these waterfalls Morocco also has some elegant valleys which are so vibrant and full of life that every person visiting them develops in him/her a brand new spirit and enthusiasm. The freshness and the calmness which one gets to explore is really priceless and makes Morocco much better place to live in and explore. So, hurry up and plan your trip to Morocco keeping track of all these sights and explore the most peaceful colors of Moroccan beauty.