October 7, 2017
Discover Morocco

Transportation in Morocco

Morocco being divides slightly between the Atlantic Ocean and Sahara desert have almost every kind of transportation facility. From animal rides to fast buses and trains a person visiting this country will get to explore all these means and have fun riding and roaming in Morocco.

Not only this, there are many cars and taxi services available for the tourists which will further make your trip more delightful and help you plan it according to your own convenience. So, let us have a look on what modes you will get to transport and how will you transport in this amazing country Morocco

The Marine Transport Facility

A great part of Morocco is covered with Atlantic Ocean which has motivated the government for building marine transport facility. Moroccan government is trying a lot on improving the country’s infrastructure and taking it to another extended level.

According to the investment plan of 2008-2012 the Moroccan government had spent around $3.6 billion on improvising the marine transport facilities for better tourist comfort and exposure.

In the midst of Atlantic Ocean away from the crowd of the city enjoying ride in the marine can be one of the best experiences of Morocco.

Morocco also has some highly dynamic and vibrant ports in the areas near the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea which further brings live to marine transport in Morocco.

Modern Ferry Boat

The Roadways Transport

Morocco has the best roads and the most classic highways on which travelling can be quite fun. Not only this traveling through roadways involves a sight at a lot of beautiful sceneries of Atlas mountains, the greenery, the desert and a lot more which further makes the trip more pleasing.

There are around 35,409 miles of roads in Morocco of which the major part is well furnished and constructed ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride for the travelers.

The Railways

Moroccan government have made efforts for improvising the railway transport facility of Morocco as well which has resulted in highly comfortable and fast railway line facility in Morocco.

There are high speed lines, metro trains and even some smaller routes connecting the smaller regions of the country which tourists love to visit and explore. With all these amazing facilities travelling in train in Morocco become another fun and is the cheapest mode of transportation.

Animal Rides

Apart from the modern technicalities you will get to experience even the traditional authentic traveling fun in Morocco with the help of animal rides. In many villages especially near the desert camel rides are still the main mode of transportation which is really enjoyable and a complete package of making your trip fun.

Along with this horde rides are also famous in the hilly region of Morocco near the Atlas Mountains. Hence, along with the modern facilities and comfort Morocco will also please you with is traditional touch and authenticity.

So, have a comfortable and pleasant transport in Morocco and enjoy clicking pictures and exploring new views in your journey.