October 7, 2017
Discover Morocco

Culture & traditions of Morocco

With a mixed cultures of Berbers, Arabic and Jewish the cultural traditions and religious beliefs of Moroccan population also shows a huge variety of colors. Moroccan tradition is very interesting and pleasing with a lot of amazing stories which has a huge history.

In the Medina of Morocco and other smaller and bigger parts, travelling and exploring the Moroccan tradition is a lot of fun which not only makes you comfortable with your acquaintance in the country but also teaches you a lot of things which stays with you till the day you die.

So, let us understand this Moroccan tradition in detail and know more about it

Hassan II Mosque-img

The Educational Practices

In the Muslim culture Madersa(schools in mosque) holds a great influence and this is still a major practice in many parts of Morocco. The great Moroccan architectural monuments will show you best of these schools where children used to study lessons of life and the holy book Quran.

Although modernization has taken place in Morocco for many families this education still holds a great significance and is still a major practice in many parts of the country restoring their traditional beliefs.

colorful collage and composition of objects or typical places of Morocco

The Clothing

Moroccan population does not feel open in exposure and still feel comfortable in their clothing styles only. Women and men still wear djellabas in their normal clothing and daily routines and find it comfortable to the best level.

But this does not mean that the Moroccan population has denied western clothing. There are few traces of western clothing and westernization is taking place in Morocco but as a respect to their old traditional and cultural beliefs people like to prefer the traditional clothing over the western ones.

This clearly depicts the clothing styles of Moroccan people continuing since ages and will continue forever respecting their authenticity.


Arts & Crafts

The Moroccan art and craft is much a kind of work to fall in love with rather than simply appreciating or adoring. Women and men with their highly skilled hands design the best carpets, embroideries, paintings and other decorative stuff which you will find everywhere while exploring the Moroccan Medina or souks.

These art and craft masterpieces not only show the talent of people living in Morocco but bring the originality of ancient beliefs which has influenced people to do so. Apart from this the local museums in Morocco displays the best of all since ancient times that tells you a lot of untold and hidden stories about the ancient history of Morocco.


Food & Festivals

The food and festival of this country is more than amazing and being a part of any Moroccan religious festival is really a privilege. This not only brings you closer to the country but lso helps you to relate it with yours through the festive food and celebrations.

Moroccan culture and tradition is truly a thick book with a lot of pages where every page has a new story. So explore all these stories and get in touch with the Moroccan culture and tradition.