October 7, 2017
Discover Morocco

Exploring the Shopping World of Morocco

Morocco is not just an amazing place to explore and see the amazing art and architectures but to also shop and get a lot of artistically designed things from Morocco to your home. From clothing to shoes and to other decorative stuff you can get all of them from Morocco. The other interesting thing about shopping in Morocco is that you will get to see a huge market of handmade stuff. The artists will design products in front of you, as per your wishes and will give you the perfect material of your choice. From the Moroccan Medina to local souks there is a lot to shop and explore in Moroccan markets.

Moroccan Medina & Souks: Favorite Shopping Destinations

The local souks or the markets in Arabian styles are the best places to explore and shop. These markets are held usually in the outskirts of the city with a lot of amazing elements like snake charmers, musicians and story tellers. You can shop a lot from these souks and get few elements of the traditional Moroccan culture. Another major attraction when it comes to shopping in Morocco is the Medina. Almost each and every town and city of Morocco has a Medina which will not only make you acquainted with the Moroccan living style but will also make you come across many artists who designs the most classic materials of all kinds. You can also get designed the stuff according to your choices and explore the traditional items in Morocco. These products are usually handmade and are so beautiful that for any machine it would be almost impossible to design one of similar kind.

Things to Shop in Morocco

There is a lot which you can shop and explore in Morocco. These include

Arts & Crafts

The Moroccan arts and crafts as stated earlier are the most amazing masterpieces some of which are especially designed for tourists by both manual and chemical means. It is easy to get the art and craft of original Moroccan standards especially in the cities like Fez, Rabat, Marrakech and Tangier. Carpets, home décor and other decorative stuff are the major light of Moroccan arts and crafts. The originally Arabic designed carpets are not very cheap and one will have to pay a big amount for them but the kelims are comparatively cheaper.


Pottery is another major shopping attraction in Morocco with various handmade colors especially the blue and the white ones in Fez.

Bargaining in the Moroccan Markets

It will be highly unwise to shop in Morocco without bargaining. You should always bargaining and should never go with the initial prices as this may cost you much more than what you would have paid by bargaining.

The Moroccan markets are indeed a good place to explore and shop a lot. So, explore the Moroccan markets and shop the amazingly artistic products of the city.