Roman Ruins

October 7, 2017

The Classic Ruins of Romans in Morocco: Exploring Roman Ruins in Morocco

Morocco is a country with a lot of historic monuments, arts and architectures. The vast kingdom of Berbers, French and now with the dominant Arabic society Morocco has seen a lot of religious colors which pleases every tourist on their visit to this amazing country.

The splendid arts and architectures of this country do not end here. Roman Ruins are other attraction in Morocco. The remains of the human made monuments from ancient times are preserved by the government which gives tourists a chance to see and explore more in the country of Morocco.

Chellah in Rabat and Volubilis are the major attractions of Roman Ruins in Morocco. Let us know more about these classic ruins of Roman in Morocco and explore the best parts to visit.

Volubilis, Walili

Walili is a place located thirty three kilometers from Meknes where you will explore Volubilis which is not only a wonderful sight to explore but also a proof that Romans indeed once occupied Morocco and ruled the country for a considerable amount of time.

This location has been selected as a shooting location for many films which counted as a major reason in exploring the popularity of this ancient Roman Ruin. In the earlier times of this town, roman colonies were built and developed here which were later transformed into an administrative center.

Not only this, the land of Volubilis was so fertile that many commodities like grain, olive oil were grown here prosperously bringing huge benefits for the Roman province and administration.

Today, Volubilis is land with Roman Ruins of beautiful architecture and with fascinating designs and ancient roman tiles depicting roman mythology. Also, these ruins of Volubilis are titled as some of the best ruins of Africa.

Impressions of Morocco
RABAT,MOROCCO - APRIL 8,2017 - Porte Chellah - Entrance to Necropole of Chellah in Rabat. Rabat is the capital city of Morocco and its second largest city .

Chellah in Rabat

Chellah is another masterpiece of ancient roman times in Morocco. Located in the capital city of Morocco this place has also gained a lot of tourist attraction and attention with its historic significance and the preserved sculptures.

Surrounded by beautiful blossoms and gardens the place gives inner peace and happiness to your heart giving you few moments of secrecy with nature. This place was originally founded by Phoenicians who first built and developed several colonies in the city.

After a little time, in this colonial city of Sala Romans built their own city, Sala Colonia. They also established various Roman colonies, with ancient roman architectural designs and built their empire. This city of Chellah continued to be in the hands of Roman for a long time and for sometime even after their withdrawal.

Later on the Muslims and the Berbers took up this empire of Chellah but few ruins of the ancient Roman times can still be seen and are preserved in this city.

Morocco indeed has many amazing masterpieces of which Roman Ruins are just a part. Exploring this ruins not only takes you closer to the Moroccan history but also authenticates the fact that the Romans indeed ruled Morocco for a considerable amount of time and their remains are still a major attraction of the country.