The Religious Colors of Morocco

Although Muslims have the majority in Morocco, still there are many other religions as well which are followed and preached in Moroccan states, which makes it a country with different colors of caste and religion. The Berbers which are considered to be the origin of Morocco still follow the traditional Berbers tribal practices that live in the mountain region of Morocco. Although these people are quite comfortable with Arabic still in order to preserve their authenticity they still speak Berber as their first language. The Arab dominant is a result of Arabization soon after Moroccan independence but French still has a major role and many French migrants live in Morocco adding one more religion to the list of religions followed in Morocco.

Religion in Morocco

The majority of people living in Morocco follow Islam of which mostly is Sunni Muslims who belong to Maliki schools of jurisprudence. Islam was also decared as the state religion of Morocco in the year 1961. Apart from this Christianity has also gained importance in Morocco but most of the Christians are foreigners as a result of which it has always been dominated by Islam. Although there is complete freedom to the Moroccan population to follow any religion but the main religion of the state is considered to be Islam and most of the non-Moroccan Muslim population has to follow some Islamic beliefs in order to maintain peace with the Muslim Moroccans in the state. Judaism is also one of the religious practices followed by many Moroccans making it one of the important religions in Morocco.


Freedom of Religion in Morocco

Morocco is considered to be an Islamic country with most of the people being Muslims and following Islam. As Islam is a wonderful religion which allows other people to follow their respective religion, there is a freedom of religion in Morocco.

Not only this, many special Jewish courts are built in Morocco where the Jewish handles the matters like marriage, divorce and other issues separately related to their community. Christians are also treated with respect in Morocco, but however there are few people who still believe that Islam should be the only religion of Moroccan population and it should be the major religion to be followed.

But as King Mohammed had harmony for all religions and he always treated all religions, such hypocrites are considered to be evils and are often neglected from the society establishing peaceful Morocco.

The great Moroccan history is the result of varied religions in the country of Morocco. Being an Islamic country this country also has a good number of Jewish as well. So have an enjoyable trip to Morocco and taste the flavors of all religions from different parts of Morocco.