Rabat :ThePerfect Holiday Destination

Rabat is the capital city of Morocco with some of the great Moroccan monuments and the soothing touch of Moroccan beauty. Morocco is a place in Morocco which has seen a great history and preserve many Moroccan secrets related to the same.

The climate and the weather also welcomes all the visitors n Morocco with extreme comfort and pleasure and offers immense opportunities to explore and know Morocco from the closer end.

African oasis

Climate in Rabat:-

Like many other places in Morocco the climate of Rabat is also very soothing and pleasant the hottest month being July and August. The best time to visit Rabat is in the months of May, June, September and October where one can enjoy both the dryness and coolness of the wind with few traces of monsoon.

The minimum average temperature of Rabat goes till 0C whereas the maximum goes till 29C. This moderate temperature further makes the journey more enjoyable and full of comfort which is why one must definitely visit this place and explore the Moroccan beauty.

Food in Rabat:-

Besides the favorable climate food in Rabat is also favorable and extremely tasty. Rabat will serve you extremely delicious sea food, fishes and lambs which will please your tongue and will make you want the yummy food more and more.

Restaurant Dinarjat, Dar Naji, Tajin and tangia are some of the most famous places in Rabat to visit and taste the delicious food these restaurants serve. Hence, in your trip to Rabat do not forget to visit these places and taste the Moroccan delight.

A collage of photo about Marocco and desert
Camel caravan going through the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert, Morocco

Places to Visit in Rabat:-

Hassan Tower:-

Hassan Tower is one of the biggest mosques in the world which was built in the year 1195. However, the Sultan building it died before its completion and it also had to face earthquake in 1755 due to which it is not what it was supposed to be.

Beautifully surrounded by garden this tower is a peaceful place to visit and have some time with the nature and Moroccan beauty.


Chellah located on the outskirts of Rabat was initially a Roman city. After the defeat of Romans mosque was constructed in this area and the name was changed from Sala Colonia to Chellah. The clacking sounds of storks also add immense pleasure to this place. So, visit this place and spend some amazing moments away from the crowd of Rabat in Rabat.

Traditional moroccan architectural details in Chefchaouen, Morocco.

Muse des Oudais:-

This is the royal palace of Moulay Ismail which has great jewels of traditional Moroccan authenticity. The garden in front of the museum along with exceptionally beautiful jewelries inside the museum makes the visit even more special and peaceful. Also the local Moroccan touch spread in classical folks nearby is also very pleasing.

With all these beautiful destinations and delicious food the capital city of Morocco offers s lot to its visitors. Although some people might avoid visiting to Rabat but it is an extremely beautiful place to visit. So spend few days in Rabat and explore the Moroccan history.