Rabat Capital

October 3, 2017

Rabat: The Capital City of Morocco

The capital city of Morocco is Rabat which has some of the best sights and locations to visit. Located in the northwest shore of Morocco Rabat is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean on one side and Bou Regreg in the north. Apart from this talking about the size it is the third largest city o Morocco with a population of over 2 million people. The currency of Rabat is Dirham which is the official currency of Morocco. The lifestyle of Rabat is quite luxurious where people spend a lot of time in clubs and bars. Besides this the city has some amazingly pleasing views of sunset and nature. Let us now see more about Rabat and things one can explore in this beautiful city of Morocco.

Language in Rabat:-

Being the capital of a mixed nation the language culture of Rabat is also quite mixed. The official and legal matters of the state are done in Arabic but when it comes to business conducts French if preferred over Arabic. Apart from this as the history of Morocco includes a bit Spanish touch, few parts also speak Spanish. As a result all these three languages are very common in Morocco including Berber dialects throughout the country. The Berber language in Morocco is called Amazigh, whereas Moroccan Arabic is known as Darija.

Culture & Religion in Morocco:-

In Rabat the major population is of Muslims. Over 99% of the people in the city of Rabat are Muslims whereas only 1% people are Christians. As a result, Islam is a predominant religion in Rabat. Although there is a huge number of Muslim populations still there exists a little percentage of Jewish, even less than 0.5%.

Climate in Rabat:-

Talking about the climatic conditions of Rabat, Rabat has the flavor of all the temperatures and climatic conditions from warm to cold and dry to humid. For tourist the best time to visit Rabat is in the months of May, June, September and October which has a moderate temperature and climatic conditions. If you want to be there in the coolest month the December is the best time and July for enjoying the warmth which is the warmest month of Rabat. The minimum temperature of Rabat is -10 C whereas the highest is 30C.

Places to Visit in Rabat:-

Rabat has some of the best places to visit in the world of which the most attractive ones are Mausoleom of Mohammad, Chellah and Medina of Rabat. Apart from these places like Hassan Tower, Kasbah des Oudaias, Beaches of Essaouria and the Royal Palace of Rabat are also worth to see and visit. Also, the Mountain View offers the best sceneries along with beautiful sunsets which give tourists a chance to experience the real beauty of nature.

Rabat the capital of Morocco has thus all colors of Morocco preserving the history of ancient Morocco. For a relaxing trip three days in Rabat are enough to experience the beauty and get in touch with the hidden history of Moroccan states.