The Population of Morocco

Morocco has a mixed population of Muslims, Jewish and Berbers. Talking about the majority and predominant population in some parts of Morocco the Muslims overwhelm the other people and in some the Berbers. The overall population of Morocco was reported to be 33,848,242 in the year 2014 which has grown to 35,302,418 till August 2017. If we compare the Moroccan population with the world population then the population of Morocco is 0.47% of the total world population.

Some Facts about Moroccan Population

Morocco one of the most favorite tourist places of the world ranks to be 39th in the world in terms of population dependencies. Besides this if we calculate the population density of Morocco with respect to land area then it is found to be 79 per kilometers square according to the latest United Nations estimations.

Out of this vast population around 60.4% of the Moroccan population is urban whereas the median age of this amiable country is 28.3 years. The median age clearly indicates that the Moroccan population is quite young building a great future of their nation.


Moroccan Demographics

With a young average population in the delightful country of Morocco 27% of the people are of age below 15 whereas only 6% are above 65 years. The country is believed to be found 500 years ago with Berbers origin but so e of the Moroccan people claim that the nation was established around 800 years ago.

Due to a series of fights between the Arabs and the Berbers Morocco has a mixed culture of all these people with majority of population following the culture of Sunni Muslims.

As France also had an important role in the Moroccan history there are around 100,000 French residents in Morocco with few traces of Spain.

Morocco has a good birth rate of about 18.73 births per 1000 people which is 101stin the world. Talking about death rate Morocco stands 195th in the world with an average death rate of 4.78 deaths per 1000 people as per the records of 2013. This clearly depicts that the country has a good growth rate and on an average a woman gives birth to 2.17 children every year in Morocco.

Moroccan Population

If considered overall including the locals and the foreigners then Morocco has people from Spain, South Asia and France. Besides this some Moroccan people also moved to Us, Quebec and Canada for better job opportunities and future growth.

This has made Morocco a country with people of different religions and believes living together with entirely different thoughts. Not only this besides the clashes some of the Muslims are proud of their Jewish subordinates and vice-versa is also true.


Morocco is indeed a splendid nation with a so many amazing flavors which will make the life of every tourist full of fun and adventure in Morocco. With its young and talented population Morocco continues to shine in the global world achieving new heights of growth and development. So, visit this beautiful place and have a wonderful stay.