October 3, 2017

Exploring Oujda in Morocco

Oujda is the capital of Oriental region of Morocco and in an amazing tourist place with tropical climatic conditions. The current president of Morocco Abdelaziz Boutefilka was born in Oujda which has made a huge name of the city. Located in 15 kilometers to the west of Algeria and is eastern to the Mediterranean Morocco. With all the travel facilities and nearby destinations Oujda has been the most favorite tourist destination in Morocco.

Climate in Oujda

The hottest month of Oujda is July with extreme dryness the highest temperature being around 32C. The coolest months are the months of January and December at the time of which little precipitation can be seen. With this Mediterranean climate and cool breeze Oujda offers comfort and calmness to its visitors. The months of September, October, March and April are considered to be the best months to visit Oujda and experience the beauty. The mixed tropical and Mediterranean climate of Oujda is highly preferred for traveling by the tourist which is why it is gaining a lot of importance from the past few years.

Food in Oujda

There are a lot of restaurants in Oujda offering the real Moroccan taste at fairly low prices. Some of the royal restaurants will even serve you in the traditional Moroccan manner giving you the feeling of ancient times. Of these some of the restaurants with high ratings are Millenium Café, Opheon, Afandy Kabab, Restaurant National, Restaurant Luigi, Le Dragon, Dar al Wouround Oujda and many more. Hence, on your visit to Oujda do not forget to visit these places and get the real taste of Morocco.

Places to Visit in Morocco

Bab Sidi Abdelwahab

This is the masterpiece of the great Moroccan architectures. Wonderfully designed and constructed this place is the shine of Oujda. Oujda has a famous gate into Medina with the same name which also holds historical importance.

The Medina

The Medina of Oujda is also very famous and gives the traveler a wonderful experience of shopping and exploring the Moroccan folks. The city crowd, filled with the Moroccan crowd and tourist walking in the narrow streets having some beautiful designed architectures are the real attraction of these Medina. Besides this, there is a lot more to explore in the midst of these busy streets which will make you familiar with many Moroccan secrets. Wandering and roaming in these streets and getting in touch with the real Morocco is one of the best parts that tourists can do in Oujda.

Park Lalla Aicha

After exploring and walking in the midst of the city when you will wish to escape the cloud then this is the best place to visit located in the south of Lalla Aicha. The breeze near the pool and the peaceful atmosphere will make you forget all the pains of the world and help you spend few special moments with yourself.

Oujda is thus a beautiful place to visit and explore in Morocco with perfect food items and best destinations to visit.