Modern Morocco

October 7, 2017
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Modern life in Morocco

Morocco a wonderful country in Africa with Sahara desert, the Atlas Mountains, Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean is a beautiful country for tourists. Moroccan population has a huge believe in their faith and religious traditions which is why the country has still preserved the traditional culture in the modern times.

Sunni Muslims are the major inhabitants of Morocco with a little trace of Berbers, Christians and few immigrants from France. Modern Morocco is colorful and enthusiastic with the different characters and practices according to the varied culture and tradition.

Being modern has not vanished the traditional folks of Morocco, but has made them stronger with a view of preserving the authenticity till centuries. The tourists are also required to respect the beliefs of Morocco and do not hurt their sentiments in any sense.

The Cultural & Religious Beliefs

As the major population is of the Muslims, they are very particular about their religion especially in the month of Ramadan. If you are planning to visit Morocco during the festive and holy month of Ramadan then you surely need to follow some extra rules which actually are mandatory obligations so that the feelings of the Muslims are not hurt. Some of these include wearing less explosive clothes for women like short skirts, carry Bible in Arabic promote or spread non-Muslims cultural feeling. Such kind of practices are meant to hurt the people living their which is why one should be firm related to these rules and should not break these respecting the Muslim culture.

Ramadan #2
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Modern Morocco is not very open to sexuality and such kind of acts is not promoted to be performed in public. Not only this having extra marital sexual relations is considered to be a major crime in the country and people indulging in such kind of activities are punished by the Moroccan law. Also if you want to marry a Moroccan you need to be ready with few documents in advance so as to make your marriage legal in the country.

Role of Women in Modern Morocco

Women are still considered just for looking after the households in the rural areas where as many urban areas have grown to modernization providing equal rights to women. Women wear the traditional Moroccan djellaba not just because it is a practice but because they find themselves comfortable in this outfit the most.

Women in modern Morocco are indeed exploring more which is contributing towards the growth of society of modern Morocco.

Drugs in Morocco

Intake of drugs is a serious offense in Morocco and if a person is found taking drugs then he/she can be sent up to 10 years of imprisonment according to the Moroccan law. Hence, one needs to be careful with the drug dealers and stay away from all such activities.

The Traditional Folks

The ancient Morocco folks and traditions are still preserved in modern Morocco and one will get to enjoy all the traditional folks in almost each and every area of Morocco.