October 2, 2017

Exploring Meknes: Exploring Morocco

Meknes is a place located near Fez in Morocco and is an amazing location for tourists to visit and explore Morocco. The Mediterranean climate offers complete comfort and ease to travel and explore more. The beautiful sights of Mediterranean along with few splendid masterpieces of architecture have made Meknes one of the most perfect vacation destinations in Morocco. So, let us know more about this city and get familiar with its climatic conditions, food and the places which one must explore.

Climate in Meknes

The climate in Meknes is the typical Moroccan Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers to cool breezing wind. July and August are the hottest months whereas December and January are the coolest.
Even the hottest months do not have a very high temperature and are comfortable enough to roam and explore Meknes. Although according to the tourism feedback the best time to visit Meknes is considered to be in the months of March, April, May and June when the city experiences a moderate temperature with few glimpses of rain.

Food in Meknes

Meknes has a very good taste with a lot of amazing places to eat. Some of the most famous places of Meknes are Le Pub, Athenos, Mo Di Niro, La Fine Bouche, Ibis Hotel and many more.
All these places are famous of serving the traditionally authenticated Meknes dishes with modern flavors which will make every visitor to bite their tongue. The African food with the tropical Mediterranean touch will simply leave you spellbound and will make you fall for Meknes more and more.

Places to Visit in Meknes

There is indeed a lot more to explore in Meknes other than food which is the symbol of Moroccan history and architecture. Meknes has many great and artistic monuments which will give you an idea of the period of various rulers and wars

Bab Mansour

Bab Manour are 27 gates very artistically designed in the medina’s main square which are the main highlight of the Meknes beauty. Bab means door in Arabic which is why these splendid gates are known as Bab Mansour.

Madersa Bou Inania

In Morocco everywhere you will be able to see beautiful Islamic schools of which one is situated in Meknes as well. Madersa Bou Inania is a beautiful Quranic school worth to see and visit.

Place Hedim

This is a square with not very great monuments but is definitely a good place to visit and have food in some of the traditional Moroccan cafes located in this area.

Habs Qara

This is the ancient underground prison where Moulay Ismail kept his prisoners. Apart from these there are few other places as well like Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, Al masjid AlAdam, Medina of Meknes Mosque, Heri-es-Souni, Meknes Royal Golf Cousre and many more.

Filled with beauty and excitement Meknes is truly an amazing place of Morocco to explore and spend time for a break. So, plan out your trip soon and visit Meknes to have fun.