October 7, 2017

Marzouga: The Wonderful Trip to Sahara Desert in Morocco

The great and strong winds of sand, forming dunes all over also has a different relief and experience if seen from a closer look. So, does this great place in Morocco Marzouga which will let you see and explore Sahara closely and enjoy riding in across the sand dunes.

There are few stories behind the formation of this village which holds a great significance in the Moroccan states. For experiencing the best camel safari this village is the must visit village of Morocco.

Geography of Marzouga

This village is in Sahara desert located on the edge of Erg Chebbi. This also has a very interesting story which describes that how a wealthy family refused to helped a poor mother and his son and so was cursed and buried under the sand forming Erg Chebbi. Then the twin villages of Marzouga and Hassi Labied were built over these dunes. It is one of the major reasons that why this village holds a great importance in the Moroccan history and are meant to have the majestic power of God.

Climate & Temperature in Marzouga

Marzouga has usually hot and dry climate as is basically a desert region. July is the hottest month of Marzouga where temperature goes till 40C whereas January being the coolest with temperature below 10C. July hence is not the best time to visit this city. The months of February, March and April are suggested best as per the tourist point of view.

Places to Visit in Marzouga

Along with the big dunes, camel rides and adventurous ancient stories there is a lot more to see and talk about in this amazing village called as Marzouga. Some of the must see places of Marzouga are as follows

Sunrise & Sunset Points

Being a desert the most peaceful and clam sunset and sunrise can be experienced in this village. In the midst of desert letting the rays of the sun fall on you and go away from you to disappear in the sky in a priceless moment which this village will make you experience.


Ducks, flamingos, Tristam’s desert warbler, the Egyptian nightjar and many other wonderful species will be seen by you on visiting this village which will give you immense pleasure and a closer look towards the natural beauty.

The Traditional Folks

Apart from this, the traditional folk dances of Marzouga, the food styles and classic eating habits with few traditional Arabian beliefs will take you to a complete different world where you can appreciate things naturally. This is one of the best parts of Marzouga that takes you closer to the natural beauty, give you inner peace and happiness and make your mind calm to focus and concentrate in the happiness present in life.

With few natural beliefs and lessons along with completely adorable sights this small village of Morocco will make your trip worth to remember. So do not cancel on Marzouga and have an amazing stay at this beautiful Sahara village of Morocco.