October 2, 2017

Marrakesh: The Red City of Morocco

Morocco is wonderful city of Morocco which has color of many shades as a result of which it is called as the red city of Morocco. The cool and high Atlas valleys along with the windsurfing Atlantic beaches will make your stay amazingly comfortable and pleasing at the red city. With its lovely climate and sceneries it is also rich in many historic monuments which have always made it the center of attraction for all the tourists who visit Morocco.

Climatic Conditions in Morocco

Marrakesh has pleasing climatic conditions with December and January being the coldest months whereas July and August being the hottest. The minimum temperature is Marrakesh is usually goes till 6C whereas the maximum till 36C.
This moderate temperature of Marrakesh allows you to plan your trip any time you wish and enjoy the overwhelming beauty of nature mixed with a historical touch.

Food in Marrakesh

Talking about fruit, the easy climatic conditions of Marrakesh has gifted it with almost all types of fruits and vegetables of the best taste and freshness. Not only these for the non-vegetarian lovers it is a good news as the tastiest meats of goat, lamb, beef including chicken and seafood in found in Marrakesh.
The traditional Moroccan touch filled with variety of flavorings of lemon and pickle and argon oil with dried fruits will give you a mouthwatering experience like never before.

Places to Visit in Marrakesh

Bahia Palace

The Bahia Palace of Marrakesh depicts the life of rich in Morocco during the 19th century. Designed with lavish architectures this palace is a symbol of the royal life and luxuries which was originally built by Si Ahmed ben Musa.

Koutobia Mosque

This is said to be the largest mosque in the city of Marrakesh which was built in the year of 1150. Not only this, this great mosque is also one of the three oldest Almohad minarets of the world. Being a religious place with deep beliefs of worship this mosque has many interesting stories which will make the visit to this mosque even more pleasant.

Majorelle Garden

This garden is a symbol of French rule in Morocco as was designed by French artists during 1920s. This is a splendid location to click pictures and spend some time away from the midst of the city between flowers and peaceful atmosphere.

Ali Ben Youssef Madarsa

This is one of the ancients African schools which can be called as one of the most beautiful schools of the world. The building is amazingly designed with a beautifully designed courtyard carved in cedar and marble. Many students passed from this school but was then closed and is now opened as a tourist spot so that people can visit and appreciate the beauty if this school.

Apart from this there are more places to visit like the El Badi Palace, sand dunes and much more. With all these food delights, soothing climate and historical places Marrakesh proves to be a wonderful holiday destination.