October 7, 2017
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The Vibrant Souks & Local Markets of Morocco

Being in Morocco and not exploring the fun of souks and local markets will be disappointment as one will lose the opportunity of exploring the most classic Arabian markets of Morocco. Exploring the Arabian markets in rush and crowd with the locals is a major fun. Many traditional colors of Moroccan beauty and lifestyle can be experienced while exploring these markets. Hence, one will always get to learn and explore a lot by roaming and shopping in these local markets and souks.

The Beginning of Souks

Like many other political changes the establishment of souks also began with a very basic level in Morocco. When the souls were first introduced these were usually held outside the city in the in a small areas where merchants used to deal usually in exchange of goods and values. Merchants found these souks a good opportunity to display their products and bring customers for them. As a result of this the number of merchants gradually increased which also increased the popularity of souks amongst the customers. For many people it became the major source of income and a platform to show their talent. With all these progressions the importance of souks increased amongst the Moroccan population and they became the major light of festive seasons and special celebrations.

How Souks are Held in Morocco

In modern Morocco souks vary widely. Some are held on annual basis, some on monthly whereas some souks are regular. Great musicians, story tellers, snake charmers and other artists also gather here and conduct different kind of entertaining shows for people like Djema El Fna market in Marrakech. Not only this, these souks also have particular name day wise. Like the Sunday souks are called Souk-el-Had which is the first market of the week or may be a month. Souk el Tnine, Souk el Tieta, Souk el Arba, Souk el Khamees, Souk el Sent are the name of souks from Monday to Saturday.

The Best Souks of Morocco

Souks are a traditional and cultural part of Morocco and you will get the best experience in any Moroccan souk. Still there are few souks in Morocco which are exceptionally wonderful

colorful collage and composition of objects or typical places of Morocco

Spice Souk

These markets show the best sights of Morocco with big heaps of colorful spices everywhere displayed in a wide variety. A visit to Morocco will be definitely incomplete without a glance of this spice souk.

colorful collage and composition of objects or typical places of Morocco

Carpet Souk

In these markets you will get to see the best carpets designed of all times with an Arabic touch made by hands of highly skilled artists. These will not only enhance the beauty of your home but will also take you to a next level of comfort.

Slipper Souk

Marrakech is the most famous destination for arranging slipper souks where you will get to see all kinds of Arabic and Moroccan footwear along with the ones especially wear during festivals.

Roaming and exploring in these local markets is another major fun while your Moroccan trip so have this wonderful experience.