Where's Morocco Located

Morocco an amazing country, one of the most favorite tourist places in the world spread its area in the continent of Africa, located in the northwestern region. The area covered by this nation is over 446,300 square kilometers of land and 250 square kilometers of water which makes a total of 446,550 square kilometers. With this great and huge land area Morocco holds 58th position in the world amongst the world’s largest nations.

Surroundings of the Country

Covering over a huge land Morocco is takes its place in the right edge of the African continent having the Algerian boundary at the east, Mauritania in the south, the great Atlantic Ocean to the west and the wonderful Mediterranean Sea to the north. All these amazing places make the vibe of the country even more peaceful and worth to be visited at least once.

Surrounded by seas and oceans Morocco has always been a peaceful place to visit which has made it one of the most popular tourist points of the world. The cool and calm breeze from the sea, the lovely essence from the ocean as well as the relaxing rains from the forest all can be seen and enjoyed at one amazing location which is Morocco.

Gray location map of Morocco.

Morocco Geography

After becoming independent in 1666, Morocco spreads geographically covering the most pleasing geographical area of the earth. From a windy and rainy atmosphere to a silent snowy and pleasing landscape, all can be seen in this one country.

It is unbelievable but true that the same country offers you the best camel trekking and camel rides which gives you an adventurous experience of skiing in the mountains, palm grove hiking and a lot more.

The Atlas Mountains cuts the states of Morocco excluding the Sahara region of Morocco. Most of the parts of Morocco are covered by mountains making it a spot with some of the best hill stations of the world.

Moroccan Mountains & Country Division

The great mountains, hills and deserts not only divide the country geographically but also on the basis of cultural values which has divided the Moroccan states into three different groups of people living with different cultural beliefs and practices.

Morocco has three different worlds namely the Arab world, the Berber world and the Jewish world. All three worlds are growing in this huge country with some mixed and some different beliefs since last so many years. This amazing mixture has further made any visit to Morocco interesting and filled with enthusiasm.

Located in the African regions the mixed geographical and cultural conditions of the Moroccan states are quite astonishing filled with few breathtaking historical stories and some unbelievable facts. It is thus always peasant to visit this nation and taste the mixed spices of climate and culture and enjoy the beautiful sceneries in the mountains. So, if you are planning for a tour then this might be the best suitable option so know all about Morocco and plan a pleasant visit to the Moroccan states.