The Language in Morocco

With a mixed flavor of cultural backgrounds Moroccan people speak a number of languages differently which includes French, Arabic, Berber and Spanish. Out of all these the main languages spoken are Arabic and Berber. The native states usually speak Arabic language which is slightly different from the original Arab language and is known as Darija in Morocco. On the other hand for many standard forms officials prefer French language as the French ruled the Moroccan states for significant amount of time. The Berber language spoken in Morocco is known as Amazigh.

The History of Language Spoken in Morocco

Morocco originally consisted of the Berber tribal groups who spoke Berber language which was known as Tamazight in ancient times and was later known as Amazigh. This has always been the favorite language of Moroccan classical groups.

However as the French had a great influence in Morocco they transformed all the legal matters of Morocco from the old language to French. After Morocco gained independence in 1956, the process of Arabization took place in Morocco and the rulers were trying to transform everything back to the cultural heritage of Morocco.

Besides this the Arabic language was always considered to be a prestigious language in Morocco having a great impact and influence on the Moroccan population.

Due to the importance of the French language in the outside world as well it dominated other languages in the field of education and administration in Morocco and is still considered to be the most important language when it comes to many business and legal matters.

Government always tried to suppress French in order to make the country monolingual and even succeeded in late 1980s by suppressing French by Arab, but was unable to sustain the French suppression sue to its importance in many important domains of like finance, science, technology and media.


Language You Will Come Across in Morocco

For a tourist or a visitor the language that he/she will come across often will be Moroccan Arabic which is Darija and the Berbers language which is Amazigh. About more than two third of the Moroccan population speaks Darija as their firth language and French as their second language.

Amazigh is a Moroccan Berber language which one will come across especially in the mountina region of Morocco where the folk lives. The people in mountains do understand Arabic but do not often use it and speak Berber as their primary language.

Due to the French influence the Moroccan Arabic, Darija do contain many of the words from French which makes Darija different from the original Arabic language. Besides this even many of the signal boards in Morocco are written in French.

The tourism in Morocco have made the hotels to speak English but still if you are familiar with the traditional languages of Arabic, Berber or French your trip is going to be much more enjoyable and pleasant in the country of Morocco. So plan your trip with few Arabic words and explore the real Morocco.