October 6, 2017

Kenitra: Port Lyaautey of Morocco

Kenitra is a beautiful city in Morocco located in northern Morocco with a famous port at the Sbu river. The city was founded by Phoenicians as it was a good trading post for them. With good and favorable climatic conditions along with a lot f stuff to explore, Kenitra has always been one of the most famous cities of the tourists.

This area is quite famous for producing citrus fruits majorly and also had a great significance during cold world war. The settlement was made in reference to Kentira during cold world war which finally resulted in sharing the post by USA and Morocco.

Climate in Kenitra

Kenitra has a moderate temperature wit highest temperature being around 28C during the months of July, August and September whereas lowest going till 17C during January and December. This calls for a good weather almost all the time in Kenitra making it a good place to visit and explore in Morocco. For most of the times Kenitra experiences dry tropical summer whereas winters in Kenitra will give you a rainy touch. This makes winters really a soothing time to visit Kenitra which will enhance the beauty of the port in the cool breeze and the pleasing rainfalls.

Food in Kenitra

Like many other Moroccan states, kenitra also serves the best meat, fishes and sea food which will bring water in your mouth. There are many great places to visit in Kenitra for exploring the real taste.  Some of the most amazing restaurants in Kenitra are Le 580, Merzouga, Yam Acham Knitra, Chhiwate Ryad Najji, O’Family and many more. All these places are famous for preserving the true Moroccan taste and serving their customers the best quality food. So, on your visit to Kenitra do plan to visit all these locations and taste the true Moroccan sea food.

Places to Visit in Kenitra

Being a major sea port Kenitra serves to be a destination of many beautiful places which are worth to visit and explore in Morocco. Some of these places are

Essaouira, old  city in Morocco

Sebou River

This is river holds a great significance in Morocco and comes draining out of Atlas Mountain and Gharab coastal plain of Atlantic Ocean. This river is famous for enhancing the production of things like olive, rice, wheat, sugar beet and other citrus fruit. The beautiful sceneries near the coastlines, along with the cool breeze given immense peace and pleasure to the heart of the person who visits this river.
Village in the Asif Ounila valley, the Road of the Kasbahs in the High Atlas Mountains - Morocco.

Atlas Mountains

The beautiful series of mountains located in the north eastern direction of Kenitra makes this place amazingly beautiful. The mountains and the oceans are the major reason for the beauty of Kenitra.

Filled with glimpse of peace and enjoyment Kenitra is a nice holiday destination away from the crowd. Hence, if you are looking for a peaceful holiday then Kenitra indeed is the best location to visit and explore. So, this holiday season plan your visit to Kenitra and expreince the peaceful breeze of natural sitting in the midst of the coastlines.