The History of the Great Moroccan States

Morocco is presently divided into three worlds of different people namely the Arabs, the Berbs and the Jewish. All these people are living in the Moroccan states with different beliefs and mixed cultures. The current cultural status and division of Morocco is due to its great history of wars and invaders which included Romans, Phoenicians, Vandals, Carthaginians and Byzantines but with the arrival of Islam the disputed state came into shape and defeated over all the invaders resulting in an independent Moroccan states.

The Berber Origin

The ancient Morocco origin was of the Berber people who lived in tribes. These people do not have any common government rule or a ruler. Different tribal groups had different leaders and each tribal group followed their respective leader. And because of the lack of any defined rule it was easy to attack and rule over the Moroccan states which was first done by the Phoenicians.

The Phoenician Attack

Taking the advantages of Morocco’s dispersed kingdom the Phoenicians first attacked Morocco in twelfth century B.C. They tried to made few settlements but were defeated by Carthaginians who defeated them who were later defeated by the Romans in 2nd century B.C.

Due to dispersed parts of Roman, it became easy for the Arabs to enter in the Moroccan states and defeat the Romans. The Arabs and the Jews were then constantly fighting with each for gaining stronger power over Morocco. This unstable condition was then overcomes by a ruler named Ahmed I al-Man-sur who brought stability between the years of 1579 and 1603.


The Portuguese & Spanish Conflicts

After the king flourished between Jews and Moors a battle took place between the Portuguese and the Spanish in which the Portuguese got the port of Cueta in 1415. However, the Spanish wanted the port back, which later on resulted into a series of battles. In 1904 the state of Morocco was then divided between France and Spain with France getting a larger area.

Germany then warned French to give them the control over some of the area they received claiming that they owned it originally. It would have let to a great war but was fortunately settled with Germany getting few concessions over the coastal areas of Morocco.


The New War for Sahara

In 1974, King Hassan tried getting the Sahara desert back under the control of Morocco and gave application which was rejected by the International Court of Justice. However, the king didn’t give up and secretly made an agreement with Spain splitting up Sahara into three regions between Morocco, Spain and Mauritania. Later Polisaro tried taking Sahara away from Morocco but the firm determination of king kept Sahara in the Moroccan states.

Today the son of King Hassan Crown Prince Sidi Mohammad is ruling Morocco after the death of his death in 1999, with the longest monarchy.

The great Moroccan colors which we see today are a result of all wars battles. This is why there are Berbes, Arabs and Jewish majorly in the country of Morocco.