Hassan II Mosque

October 7, 2017

Hassan II Mosque: The Royal Beauty of Morocco

Casablanca the economic and business capital of Morocco is a city in Morocco with a lot of amazing locations and places to visit. But the major attraction of this city is not any palace or a sunset point but the royal Grand Mosque Hassan or the Hassan II Mosque.

This grand mosque is the largest amongst all the mosques of Morocco and is the thirteenth largest in the world. This mosque was built by King Hassan and was built by the great French architectures. Not only this, it has also survived many earthquakes that lead to huge destruction all across the country but preserved the originality and the architecture of this great mosque of Morocco.

Some Amazing Facts about Hassan II Mosque

The Hassan II Mosque has a great history and has seen almost each and every time of Morocco. It took around seven years to build this great mosque. The construction of this mosque began in 1986 that ended after finishing this classic mosque in 1993.

The minaret of this mosque is the world’s tallest minaret which 210 kilometers or 689 feet high. The mosque was supposed to be ready till King Hassan II’s 60th birthday but was four years late from the due date and was ready till the 64th birthday.

Although most of the material required for building the mosque was produced in Morocco but some special glass chandeliers and granite columns were imported to build this largest mosque of Morocco.

The location of the mosque was decided by the King on the basis of the verse in Quran that states that the throne of God was built over water. The King then chose a shore nearby Atlantic Ocean that allows the worshippers to enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean and see the creation of God.

Hassan II Mosque

The Classic Design & Architecture of this Grand Mosque

The king wanted the best mosque to be designed and he called the best architects from all over the world and ended up giving the project of this great mosque to a French architect Michel Pinseau.

The mosque contains many Islamic elements along with the Moroccan traditions and a little touch of urbanization. The minaret and the grand prayer hall are the major attractions of this grand mosque. The prayer hall is so designed that one not all get the peace of praying and adoring the Lord, but also see the underwater views of Atlantic Ocean.

The mosque is so designed that around 25,000 worshippers can pray together on the beautiful glass floor in the mosque. Also the courtyard is big enough to accommodate a further of 80,00 people making this mosque even more prestigious.

Preserving the feelings of the worshippers, providing comfort and the peace to pray together along with some amazing views this mosque is truly the life of Morocco and a wonder that is worth to be seen and appreciated.