Exploring Fez

October 1, 2017

Exploring Fez: Morocco

Fez is considered to be the Medieval City of Morocco filled with the great Moroccan tradition and culture. It is the second biggest city of Morocco which has preserved some of the great Moroccan historical truths since 895 A.D. Not only is this, according to tourists visiting Morocco Fez considered to be Athens of Africa due to the mysterious history it preserves with the most beautiful historical monuments of the world. With an average temperature of 27C Fez has always been a pleasant city to visit and explore.

Places to Visit in Fez

Chaurana Tanneries

These are the places where colorful leather is built up in Morocco. The labors work very hard manually and make leather of different colors in the city these. It seems wonderful the way the cow pee and bird poo is mixed together and is converted to beautiful leathers of which many goods and products are formed.

The leather production does not smell very good as a result of which many shopkeepers often give mint to their customers to suppress the annoying odor which comes from the leather production. Hidden behind in shops these tanneries are the symbol of great artistry depicted by the people of Morocco which is worth to see and visit.


Dar-el-Makhzen is the royal palace of Fez which is not public and is allowed to see only from outside. Although you are not allowed to enter inside the palace and explore the beauty the seven gates of this royal palace are very artistically designed and are worth to see.

Al-Attraine Madrasa

Al-Attraine Madrasa is an ancient Islamic school of Fez since 14th century which preserves many practices of the Muslim culture. The   school is anciently designed with full Islamic values and Non-Muslims are not even allowed to enter the school.

Although by walking on the narrow streets much of the school can be explores from outside which will reflect the values of traditional Muslim teaching methodologies.

Apart from this there are also many other places to visit in Fez like Borj Nords and Merenid Tombs, Fes El-Bail and many more. So visit all thee amazing places of Fez and explore the ancient Moroccan history.

Food in Fez

Fez being the cultural city of Morocco has some of the most pleasing tastes of the world. The sugary mint tea will warm your heart completely and will feel in you a new refreshing energy from inside. Bessara the famous bean soup of Fez along with crumbed liver(usually cow liver) are some of the most loved dishes of Fez in Morocco. Moroccans love to eat tails s a result of which you will find many amazing dishes made up of animal tails in Fez. Steamed sheep head is considered to be a religious dish which is served with lot of love during the Fid festival of Fez.

Hence, from food to places there is a lot to explore and see in the amazing cultural city of Morocco which is Fez. So, plan out your trip and try to visit all these places and taste all the amazing spices.