Festive Spirit

October 7, 2017
Discover Morocco

Festivals and celebrations in Morocco.

Moroccan population is very particular when it comes to their culture and tradition. The same can be seen during the festivals and it is always the best idea to plan your trip during the festive season in Morocco. There are many popular festivals in Morocco like Eid after 30 days of constant fasting after Ramadan, tetouan, Prophet Mohammad’s birthday, various music and dance festivals of Fez and Marrakech and many more.

Many of these festivals are Muslims and are dated according to the Muslims calendar which often becomes difficult to predict and there are always great chances that the actual festivals fall on the dates other than the ones predicted.

Ramadan Eid: One of the Most Glorious Festivals in Morocco

Ramadan Eid holds a great significance and importance in the Moroccan calendar and is one of the most prestigious festivals for the people in Morocco. After 30 days of constant fasting in the month of Ramadan where the clean their hearts and remove all the impurities and negative thoughts out of it, people finally celebrate this religious festival and share love and happiness.

During the month of Ramadan every day people in Morocco eat before the sunrise and then have something directly in the evening after the sunset. They also compulsorily do the five time namaz during this religious period of Ramadan.

This festival is the mark of peace and happiness which they share after cleaning of all their bad deeds and sins they committed in their lives.


Some Important Festivals in the Calendar

There are series of festivals from January to December celebrated with light and dance in Morocco that brings joy and happiness to heart of each and every individual joining them. Hence for tourists it is always an added pleasure to visit Morocco during the festive season.

This includes the western new year’s celebration along with the independence day celebration of five days in January. The commemoration of Abraham sacrifices in February. March and April being the favorite times for tourist visit also includes a lot of joyous and suspicious festivals like Beni Mellal( Cotton harvest moussem), Ashura (day of tighting), Aid el Arch (The coronation of King Mohammed ) and many more.

All these festivals are celebrated with various dance and cultural moods that makes the tourist time really special and pleasant. July and August are also full of several festivals like Tetouan (Mousseum of Moulay Abdesselam), Sefrou( Festival of Cherry harvest), Celebration of the Throne( Pardes and Fireworks), Asilah Arts Festival(Exposure of local artists), Setti Fatma(Popular Mousseum of Ourika valley), Tiznit and many more.

In the later months as well there are several harvesting festivals which bring joy and happiness to the heart of all the cultivators.

So, this festive season plan your trip to Morocco and have immense fun and pleasure getting close to the religious and auspicious festivals in Morocco. Enjoy the festive fun and make your trip even more memorable.