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October 7, 2017
Discover Morocco

The Classic & Amazing Fashion Trends in Morocco

Moroccan population like many other things is very specific about their fashion and clothing trends and prefer to wear the traditional Moroccan djellaba, instead of modern clothing spreading in the world.

This is different from many other regular clothing styles but has a classic Arabian Moroccan touch which differentiates the people of Morocco from other tourists. It also represents their integrity and the culture which they have maintained since years showing respect for their traditional trends.

The Traditional Moroccan Djellaba

Moroccan clothing is quite unique and classic in its own way which attracts many people from all over the world. Traditionally this Moroccan dress for women is known as djellaba. This is a long and a loose garment with hood at its one end which has an important significance in the design.

The hood is meant to protect people from sun that covers the head of the people to a point which is further called as qob. Not only from the sun, but for the people living in Moroccan mountains as well, this hood proves to be a lot helpful and protective keeping the people warm to survive the cold climatic conditions.

This djellaba varies differently in terms of style for both men and women. Men usually prefer wearing it on special occasions whereas women wear it all the time. This garment is not only protective but also represents the dignity of the women.

Women feel comfortable and protected in djellaba and also wear it in normal family gatherings or may be some special occasions.

Djellaba, a traditional long female dress in Marrakesh, Morocco
Colourful Moroccan slippers, Marrakesh

The Special Elements in Moroccan Fashion

For special occasions like family gatherings on religious holidays or festivals men usually wear a red cap called as bernousse which is commonly referred as Fez or tarbouche. Also they wear yellow slippers which are called as baboush or belgha. These are special and important clothing traditions of Morocco wore in happiness and celebrations.

Where men look smart and handsome in their special caps and slippers women wear more colorful djellaba with a lot of designs and styles that make it look even more pleasant and beautiful.

Women have separately designed djellaba for special occasions with classic embroideries and special colors which add on beauty their look. In Quran these djellaba holds a great importance and women are asked to wear this all the time especially outside the house.

Apart from this women also wear beautifully designed kaftans, with ornaments which are basically djellabas without hoods. This came into existence in Morocco at the time of Ottaman Empire and makes the woman look extremely beautiful and adorable.

Kaftans as are known to enhance the beauty of a woman have become the favorite wedding dress and come in a lot of designs and varieties.

So, on your trip to Morocco do not forget to try out this amazing outfits and experience the comfort in the traditional Moroccan clothing other than the normal regular wears. Enjoy the Moroccan clothing and have a wonderful time in Morocco.