October 3, 2017

Esseouria: The Charming Port of Morocco

This Moroccan port has been stated as the most charming and energetic port in terms of its architecture and life by the French, Portuguese and Berber. With the most classic resorts situated near the Atlantic Ocean with amazing views from room this port has become one of the most favorite holiday destinations for couples and families. It is a good place to relax away from the busy town and have few moments of peace with your friends and families.

Geography & Climate of Esseouria

Essseouria is the coastal city of Morocco with the most classic port. It is situated near the Atlantic Ocean which has made this city rich with the most wonderful atmospheres and beautiful places to visit and explore.

The weather and climate of this city is pretty moderate and good as for travelling. Like other Moroccan states July, August and September are the hottest months of Esseouria whereas January and February being the coolest.

The highest temperature that goes up in the hottest moths during day time is 23C whereas the lowest being around 10C at night during the month of January.

Above all Esseouria possess a very good climate for tourists to travel and explore.

The Main Attractions of Esseouria

The Medina & Souqs Market

Different and more pleasant from the medinas of Marrakech and Fez this Medina at Esseouria is going to give you a much better shopping experience surrounded by walls from all side. There are also five big main gates at this Medina which will give you a simpler experience of Medina. It’s very difficult to get lost in this Medina as the routes are not complicated and are very easy to remember and navigate. The best thing about this Medina is that you can easily walk on your own and enjoy shopping without any fear of remembering the routes or getting lost.

The Beach Kite Surfing

The soothing beach at Esseouria is simple priceless which will give you a wonderful experience of kite surfing and wind surfing that will make your trip worth remembering. The best spots to visit and enjoy the wind of Esseouria by the tourists are Sidi Kaouki, Cape Sim and Mouley Bouzertone.

Ramparts & the Port

The most elegant and impressive ramparts are built on the cliffs of Esseouria which are fun to visit and enjoy especially at the time of sunset. Also, the classic vibrant port which is filled with fishing boats will give you an immense pleasure of fishing and boating.


Visit to any Moroccan state will be useless without enjoying the traditional Arabian bath and so you can visit the best hammas at Esseouria. Some of the best hammas to visit in Morocco are Hammah de la Kasbah and Hamman Mounia.

With all these amazing and beautiful places along with the most classic sights Esseouria will give you an immense pleasure and peaceful experience which will count in all ways for making your trip worth remembering.