Entry Visa

October 7, 2017
Discover Morocco

All You Need to Know About Getting an Entry Visa to Morocco

Planning to go for a holiday in Morocco? Want to explore the real beauty of Morocco. Hurry up! It’s time to get your Visa. It might sound a bit complicated but the actual process is not very typical. Just a few small procedures and a little prior planning with document verification and you are ready to enter in the incredible country of Morocco.

Information about the Tourist Visa

Moroccan being a famous tourist destination, government has made several policies for tourists so that they can safely come and enjoy their holidays in Morocco. For exploring Morocco all you need to do is to get a tourist Visa. The government of Morocco has sanctioned this special tourist Visa which is valid for 90 days. And you can easily explore the best Moroccan destinations in less than 90 days hence it is easy to get this Visa. If in case you want to stay more and get your Visa extended you just need the permission of a local resident and ask for your grant to say a little extra in the beautiful country Morocco.

Requirements for Getting a Visa

There are few procedures and forms which you need to fill before getting an entry Visa to Morocco. Few mandatory requirements which you must satisfy to enter Morocco and get your Visa application are:-

After being ready with these documents all you need to do is to download the visa application form, fill it with, attach with it the required documents, pay your fees and submit it.

After carefully following all the above mentioned steps your Visa will be granted.