Elegant Art

October 7, 2017
Discover Morocco

Arts & Crafts of Morocco

Moroccan people believe in a lot in their cultures and traditions which have made the country quote rich in various traditional arts and craft which will leave you spellbound with the amazing art and creativity shown by them.

In Moroccan Medinas you will find local artists doing exclusive and classic handmade crafting and style which are very specific and typical to achieve with the help of machinery. From embroidery to painting, Moroccan people have excelled all the levels of creativity.

With a mixed touch of Berber, Arabian, Jewish and other European touches have made Moroccan art even more pleasing and artistic.

Forms of Moroccan Art

Moroccan artists provides the best themes and designs in all domains of household and interior designing, classic architecture of buildings, traditional kaftans and a lot more. Crafting is done with many local resources like metal, wooded, stone, marbles, clay deposits, leather, wool, animal skin etc.

People here are so skilled that they carve these resources to form beautiful products with exclusive design which works best in decorating all kinds of areas like household, offices, gardens etc. Few vibrant forms of these Moroccan art and craft are


A country’s pride lies in its architecture. The wonderful monuments and historic architecture with their countless beauty take light and attraction of every tourist. And, so in Morocco cities like Marrakech, Fez, Rabat, Meknes are rich in architectural designs beautiful carved manually by highly skilled labors and artists in Morocco. The Kasbahs, madersa(Muslim schools), mosques and courts are amazingly designed which shows the talent and interest of Moroccan population in art and craft since ancient times. Apart from this the ancient Medina where houses are built consecutively in lines and along with the workshops of craftsmen further fascinates you more towards the Moroccan artistic designs. All these architectural designs depicts the growth of superior craftsmanship in Morocco from very early ages.
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In Morocco you will find the best handmade stuff to decorate your house and give it a traditional elegant look with nicely designed carpets, wind chimps, frames, paintings and a lot more. The labors manually design all these stuffs and also carve it according to your specifications if you want. In any Moroccan Medina you will find thousands of such labors sitting and carving things for sale and also at the customer’s wish.
Djellaba, a traditional long female dress in Marrakesh, Morocco


Highly adorable kaftans, djellabas, along with the classic red caps are all designed and manufactured in Morocco restoring their tradition and beliefs. The jewelry and footwear in Morocco are also very decorative with a wide range which every individual will definitely love. They use different techniques for decoration and try out many amazing traditional decorative practices which will take you to the new world of artistic town.

So, on your visit to Morocco do not forget to take a glimpse of these exclusive ranges of art and craft and get the best ones for yourself.