October 7, 2017
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Education in Morocco

When it comes to education and literacy Morocco seems to be fine but when seen closely it is found that there lies a wide gap in the literacy rates of the urban and the rural people as well as between the men and the women. Moroccan government over the years is doing many changes in the educational system in order to improvise it enhancing the quality of education in Morocco. Morocco do has the most decent schools and provide a high class education due to the regular efforts made by the government and is among the top five Arabian countries in terms of its literacy rate.

The Educational Structure in Morocco

The educational structure in Morocco is quite simple and adaptive with the levels pre-school, primary, secondary, higher and tertiary levels. Various rules and regulations have been imposed by the government to encourage quality education and enhance the literacy rates values.

The schools are designed on the pattern given by the central government of Morocco and also have some regional schools based on the state policies. For better quality education and higher attentiveness attendance is made mandatory in school till the age of thirteen.

Statistics report speaks that around 56% of young people enroll for secondary education whereas only 11% enroll further for higher education.

The Moroccan government in collaboration with USAID and UNICEF are making constant efforts for increasing this percentage so as to increase the number of literates in the country.


Structure of these Levels

The pre-school has children till the age of six after they go for a primary education of six years from the age group of 6-12. Then is the secondary education where the level and standards are raised and many youngsters quit school to join the family business. The higher and the tertiary levels f education come after this.

The Literacy Rates & the Gaps between Urban & Rural

If we look at the literacy rates of Morocco overall then it looks pretty fine with 40% of the literates in the country up till 2007. Not only has this Morocco come in the five top most countries with highest literacy rates in the Arab region.

But what is disastrous is when we look closely at this literacy rates and find out that most of people getting educated in Morocco belong to urban areas. This clearly shows that there exist a wide gap between education and the people living in rural areas.

Also, most of the literate population is male and it was found out that till 2004, three quarters of the women in Morocco were illiterate.

To improvise this condition and situation the Moroccan government is bringing up various educational programs and policies so as to increase the literacy rates of the country and bridge this unusual gap.

Moroccan educational system is improving a lot and has done a good progress in the past few years. There are many classic colors of education inclusive of some traditional educational practices which you will get to see on your visit to this country.