October 7, 2017

Djeema-El-Fna: The Hidden Gem of Morocco in Marrakech

One might think that how is it possible that a market place or a city market square can be boundlessly pleasing and astonishing. Well, Djeema-El-Fna in Marrakech, a magnificent market place in Marrakech, the famous square to shop and enjoy the traditional folks will give you a reason to visit this place again and again.

One of the biggest markets of Morocco, with a lot of varieties and amazing arts and architectures in not just an open space in Morocco, but a place which will make you explore the real Morocco and answer all your doubts about visiting this country.

The History of Marrakech

Founded by Almoravid this city was slowly experiencing destruction and degradation and came in the hands of Almohads. The city was the renovated along with Djeema-El-Fna which counted in preserving the traditional beauty of Morocco surrounded by mosques and hospitals and soon became the famous market which has become the major tourist attraction since then. Abou Yacoub Youssef also played a major role in achieving this as he extended the walls of Djeema and built various hospitals and mosques around it.


The Heart of the City

This market is known as the heart of Marrakech and it exhibits different colors of cultures from morning till evening. Visitors will get to see different colors of cultures, religions and traditional folks will fascinate you and make your shopping much more interesting.

Located in the city central this place is not just important for tourist entertainment and attractions but for locals also this is the most wonderful place for enjoyment which helps them enjoy the life of Morocco in Marrakech.

The city is always alive and filled with various colors because of this grand market held in the city square. Visitors will get to enjoy different snacks and juices at the traditional stalls of Djeema-El-Fna along with various shows of snake charmers who do deadly activities ith the snakes and make them dance on their beats.

The later parts in the noon become even more interesting with different story tellers and musicians who please you with the traditional mysterious stories of Morocco in the form of music and shows. Also there are many people who do on-spot painting and carving which becomes another area of attraction.

The local designers also make the best Moroccan carpets and different ornaments and decorative materials which are completely handmade in the Moroccan style that will help you design your home or your workplace in a truly splendid way. All these attractions keep the heart of the city beating enduring a enjoyable life to Marrakech.

Djeema-EL-Fna is truly a hidden gem of Morocco which justifies the fact that even a marketplace can attract tourists from all over the world. It is not just because of the architectures or the classic products but also because of the friendly nature and hospitality of the locals which gives the tourist an amazing lovely experience in a different country.