The Great Moroccan Currency

The currency of Morocco is Dirham whose value is much greater than Indian rupee and lesser than the European pound. One pound of London is equivalent to approximately 15 Dirham whereas one euro is equivalent to approximately 10 dirhams. The short form for Dirhams is Dhs or MAD and the smaller part of dirham also used in Morocco is Rials which is also known as reales. This seems quite easy but it is always advised to tourist to first get familiar with the Moroccan dirhams and have a few with them while travelling to Morocco in order to have a safe and a pleasant tour in Morocco.

Understanding the Moroccan Currency

The Moroccan dirhams are easy to understand and trade with, which are also equal to approximately 100 centimes but foreigners often get confused when it comes to reales which is the smaller currency of Morocco with a majority of population using this currency.

If we compare rials and dirhams then 20 rials are equal to one dirham. Rials create confusion because they are in the form of monetary forms instead of a separate currency. Besides this most of the people in Morocco call centimes as franc which once again creates confusions for the visitors making them to think of franc as a separate currency different from both dirham and centimes.

Because of all these confusions it is always advised to the visitors to first understand the values of the Moroccan currency and the main purpose of where one is used. Like rial is a type of monetary form on the other hand many goods are offered in exchange of dirhams or centimes of which centimes are called as francs.

Familiarity with these terms has an immense impact on your visit to Morocco which will determine your comfort and ease of the stay in Morocco as well as understanding with the Moroccan population.

Moroccan Dirhams

Availability of Moroccan Currency

Talking about the availability of Moroccan currency the Moroccan coins are available in the values of 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, 1dh, 5dh and 10dh. Apart from this Moroccan notes are also available in the value of 20dh, 50dh, 100dh and 200dh. Tourist an easily exchange their currency at airport or through agents at the hotels.

Moroccan currency is closed currency as a result of which it is not allowed to export or import dirhams by law. Besides this there are few people who sell dirhams at comparatively cheaper rates as Moroccan currency is quite stable.

Hence, it is good to first search in local markets for such kind of traders and get Moroccan dirhams at cheap rates if possible.

Travelling Morocco with Dirham is another great fun but it is important to understand their values, use and significance as it is the closed currency of Morocco. Dom while exploring Morocco make sure that you have enough of these dirhams to travel country with complete fun and ease and get in touch with the real beauty and tradition of Morocco.