The Favorite Moroccan Cuisine: The Eating & Cooking Style in Morocco

Morocco is country which has seen a lot of colors of different rules and religions. It has been ruled by French and also by Portuguese for a considerable time period and so ended up having people belonging to different religions and practices. Above all due to the love and unity amongst the people of Morocco we will often see the colors of Morocco with a mixed cultural tradition which make it even more amazing and astonishing. The favorite Moroccan cuisine is also a result of these mixed cultures and tradition that make it one of the best cuisines of the world.

The Favorite Moroccan Ingredients

Morocco being a country with the regions of both deserts and mountains almost each and every kind of fruit is grown and cultivated in Morocco. Besides these, there are also some famous ones, which are found at their best only in Morocco.

The common meals of the people in Morocco are beef, goat, mutton, lamb, seafood and chicken.  Also lemon pickle, argon oil, unrefined olive oil and dry fruits are the major flavorings used by the people.

Also, the Moroccan cuisine varies from place to place. There’s a slight difference between the cooking habits of people in the deserts and in the mountains. This brings a lot of colors in the food styles of Morocco.


Meal Structure

The meal structure seems to be quite simple but include all the flavors and spices which counts in providing a balanced diet and keeping the people of Morocco fit and healthy. Normally, meals begin in Morocco with hot and cold salads followed by Dwaz.

Lamb, chicken or meat are the main ingredients for preparing a formal meal. People usually eat with hands, knives or folk depending on the meal. All these meals are prepared with best toppings and great Moroccan spices which may vary according to taste from family to family.

The Most Amazing Dishes in Morocco

There are a lot of dishes which will water your mouth and will make you bite your fingers. Couscous is one of the traditional and favorite dishes while serving guest which consists of steamed ball of durum wheat semolina.

Beef is one of the majorly consumed ingredients in Morocco and is consumed in all forms usually with the vegetables. Lambs are also eaten a lot by Moroccan people on daily basis and also some special dishes of lamb are prepared during the festive season.

Due to the Atlantic and Mediterranean influences Morocco is also rich source of seafood and one will get to taste the best seafood dishes with the classic Moroccan spice.


Getting Lost in the Taste of Morocco

Morocco with its classic colors of food and flavors will make you lost in the amazing taste giving you the best ever experience of food. From sweet to spicy you will get to eat all of it in Morocco of the best taste and authenticity.