October 3, 2017

Chefchaouen: The 15th Century Mountain City of Morocco

Chefchaouen is another amazing tourist destination of Morocco built in Rif Mountains during 15th century. Another amazing part about this place is that the mountains cover the city in the form of the horns of goats and the creamiest and classic goat cheese is also found in this city. As a result for most people it is not just a coincidence but a blessing of God which had made this city further course of attraction. Surrounded by valuable and beautiful architectural monuments, this city if Morocco has a lot to show its visitors.

Geography of Chefchaouen

This city is located in the north-western parts of Morocco and is appreciated by tourists because of its classic monuments and historic art, the blue shade area and the Medina wjere one will find the best masterpiece of art and craft.

Best Time to go To Chefchaouen

Being in mountains almost all times are best to visit this mountain city of Morocco. However July and August with the hottest temperature of 32C along with January and February being the coolest with the minimum temperature of 12C are not very good times to visit aChefchaouen. This is weather and climatic conditions turn unusual during these months. Rest all the months are best to visit and explore Chefchaouen beauty and architectures along with the most beautiful sights the city offers you to see.

Things to Eat in Chefchaouen

You will get to eat some of the most favorites and authentic dishes in Chefchaouen. Baissara, harria(the Moroccan tomato soup),tajine(vegetable stew with goat or sheep), kofte(special Moroccan meatballs) and the famous Salad Marroqui(special salad of cucumbers and tomatoes ) are the tastiest dishes which you will get to eat while exploring Morocco.

Places to Visit in Chefchaouen

On your visit to Chefchaouen there is a lot of stuff which you can do. The blue shaded Medina will take you to a different world where everything is blue. Also being in mountains there are a amazing sights and views to have a look at. Some of the must visit places of Chefchaouen are

Ras El Maa(Waterfall)

The great waterfall is not only a part of beauty but also helps a lot of people living in Chefchaouen to earn their daily lives. Meeting to the local point in the city it helps people doing their laundry, and also earn in the same business. It is also an amazing place to cool and chill out and have few moments of peace and happiness with nature.


The Median which is white-washed and decorated with the form of Jewish look is also great to see and walk around exploring the routes of Chefchaouen.

Jemaa Bouzafar(The Old Mosque)

This ancient mosque is also a point of attraction being on the hill behind the waterfall.

The Hill of Hotel Atlas

This is amongst the favorite view points in Morocco for town, valley and especially sunsets.

There is a lot to do and explore in Chefchaouen. So, plan your trip and enjoy in the hills.