October 3, 2017

Casablanca: Exploring Morocco

Casablanca is one of the most beautiful places of Morocco which is situated near Atlantic Ocean. The magnificent beauty of Atlantic Ocean along with the most delightful historical places, Casablanca has become an important business and tourist center of Morocco. From Mosques, palaces and sceneries there is a lot t see in Casablanca. So, let us see few top places which one must definitely go on a visit to Casablanca.

Hassan II Mosque

One of the greatest kings of Morocco has built this wonderful and huge historical mosque of Morocco which consists of a minaret of 210 meter high. It is one of the greatest monuments of the world and hold a great significance for all Muslim and Non-Muslim population if Morocco.

The mosque is beautifully designed with a wonderful architecture of wooden ceilings, granite columns and marble floors. Its beauty has always been a center of attraction of tourists which makes them to just watch at its beauty for hours

New Medina

The great Moroccan streets with good of traditional touch along with a Harbor Quarter are the center of attraction of New Medina. Tourist will get a chance to see modern Moroccan architecture in these streets with some splendid and incredible designs which will give a chance to Morocco of being appreciated for its amazing art and craft. Hence, on your visit to Casablanca don’t just forget to visit these busy streets of New Medina and explore the modern Moroccan architecture.

The Old Medina

The old Medina of Morocco is not the favorite place of tourists but if you really want to explore the history of Morocco and know more about it then it is worth to visit. The narrow streets filled with few hidden Moroccan secrets will add more thrill and excitement to your trip. Hence, although you can easily miss it don’t miss it and explore the hidden secrets of the Moroccan history in the streets of Old Medina.

Museum of Moroccan Judaism

The Museum of Moroccan Judaism is also an amazing place to see and visit in the city of Casablanca showing the Jewish history of 2000 years. The wonderful architecture and depiction of the history will please you and will bring the clear of picture of Jewish role in Morocco in front of you. So, visit this museum situated just outside the city center in Casablanca an know more about the Jewish history of Morocco.

The Royal Palace

The royal palace of Casablanca is truly an amazing masterpiece of architecture worth to visit and see which will require a complete day to explore the real beauty of palace. But when the royal family visits the place, the outsiders are not allowed to see the palace as a result one should always confirm in advance in order to plan a visit to this beautiful place.

Casablanca is thus filled with the most splendid architectures with a touch of traditional and modern Morocco. So, plan out your trip and have a wonderful stay in Casablanca exploring the real beauty of Morocco.