Camel Safaris

October 7, 2017
Discover Morocco

Exploring Morocco with Classic Camel Safaris in Morocco

A major part of Morocco is covered with the Sahara desert as a result of which camel safaris and animal rides are the limelight of travelling in Morocco. The Erg Chebbi desert is the major attraction which can be explored to the level best when through camel trekking.

Being in Morocco without the enjoyment and fun of camel rides is always incomplete. The lower parts of the Atlas Mountains covered with the Sahara desert also known as Saharan Mountains can be best explored though camel rides and camel safaris.

Erg Chebbi & Erg Chigaga

Sand dunes are the most fascinating part of any desert and Sahara desert has the best of all being the largest desert in the world. Erg Chebbi and Erg Chiagag are the towns in Morocco located in the Sahara desert.

It has also been said that both these places have the most spectacular sand dunes of Morocco where camel ride is a huge fun and adventure. Erg Chebbi is located near Marzouga which is approximately 30 miles from Erfound whereas Erg Chigaga is near M’hamid over the Atlas Mountains nearby Zagora.

The sand dunes appear to be of golden colors in the light of the sun and being between them through camels is a lot of thrill and adventure. Camel safaris are the major attraction of these places. The local Berbers are usually use camels for their routine travelling purpose.

Camel trekking become more fun in these towns because of the traditional folks which come along the ways and the amazing hospitality which people of these town offers. The local folks and traditions are simply amazing that makes you wish to stay there and spend rest of your life enjoying the amazing culture and tradition they posses.

Camels in the Erg Shebbi

Sunset: Another Classic Landscape

Camel rides in Morocco near the Sahara deserts are not limited just with the sand dunes and culture exploration but there is a lot more including the classic landscape views which you are sure to explore in Morocco.

The amazing landscape which you might have seen in pictures will be all in front of few which you can enjoy sitting on or near your camel praising the nature for the beautiful scenes and sceneries.

Camel safari is sure to take you to the world of beautiful landscapes which will leave you spellbound and will enlighten your heart with the rays of the sun and the shiny desert view.

Camel safaris in Morocco are just not limited to the deserts but also in other parts of the country as they hold a huge significance in the Arabian culture. So, get ready to enter in the magical world with camel safaris in Morocco and explore the nature’s beauty.

The sunset, the landscapes and the golden sand dunes all seem to be prettier than ever before with the classic and adventurous camel safari in Morocco. Hence, on your visit to Morocco do enjoy camel trekking and have a lots and lots of fun.