Beni Mellal

October 1, 2017

Exploring Beni Mellal & Safi in Morocco

Beni Mellal and Safi both are beautiful Mediterranean places located in Morocco. Beni Mellal is located in the country’s interior whereas Safi is located in the western parts of the country. Safi was under the Portuguese control for a very long time and was a major port for their export and import. Beni Mellal on the other hand was built by Moulay Ismail in 1688 with some of the most beautiful architectures which made the city immensely beautiful.


The History of Beni Mellal & Safi

Earlier Beni Mellal was known as Ismail after Moulay Ismail who built the fortresses of the city for which the city was known. Not only this, he also built Kasbah in order to protect the city and promote the agricultural development of the city.

The city is also economically stable handling the economies of all the nearby cities proving to be one of the most economic cities of Morocco. The close connections with Marrakesh and Casablanca further give more opportunity to people to visit these places in Morocco and explore the Moroccan beauty.

Safi is named after Safim and is one of the oldest cities of Morocco. Also it is an important port for export and import being the safest seaport of the country. Also it had a great significance during the Portuguese rule as was the major port of export and import during that time as well.

The port of Safi lost his importance when Sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah built the city of Mogadar changing the major ports of the city.

Climate in Beni Mellal & Safi

Safi has Mediterranean climate whereas Beni Mellal has continental climate having extremely hot summers and cold winters. The coolest month of Beni Mellal are December and January whereas the hottest being July, August and September. The same conditions exist in Safi.

The major difference in climatic conditions in two places is the intensity of humidity and wind. A person can also experience wonderful snowfall in the city of Beni Mellal in the midst of Atlas Mountains.

Both of these places thus have quite peaceful climate good for vacations and a break from work.

Places to Visit in Safi & Beni Mellal

There are many amazing places to visit in Safi and Beni Mellal which will fill your heart with fun and enjoyment. La Colline des Potiers, Le Plus Grand Tajine Du Monde, Souiria Beach, Cathedrale Portuguese, Laal Fatna beach are the most loved places by tourist in Safi.

The fortresses built by Moulay Ismail, Bin-el-Ouldane Dam and Lake including Oued el Abib Gorge are places to visit and explore in Beni Mellal.

Both these places are rich in heritage and filled with Moroccan beauty which will make your stay completely soothing and wonderful with the amazing climate and beautiful monuments. So, hurry up and know more about these beautiful places and plan your trip soon to visit these beautiful places and explore the real Moroccan beauty.