October 7, 2017
Discover Morocco

Beaches in Morocco: Time to Relax in the Sun

With the mix of the desert, the mountains, the ocean and the sea Morocco is also a paradise with the best beaches giving you the most soothing and relaxing experience. Rabat, Tangier, Casablanca and many other cities have the most classic beaches with a lot of fun and happiness overloaded.

The warm breeze near the shore, the light rays of the sun and the innocent voice of water are the best elements of all the beaches of Morocco. Other amazing part of the Moroccan beaches is that along with modernization one will also get to experience few colors of the traditional Morocco including animal rides that further adds an amazing touch to the Moroccan beach culture.

Some Classic & Exotic Beaches in Morocco

beautiful coast in dakhla, western sahara


This is one of the most attractive beaches of Morocco located at the Atlantic coastline where there is a lot for photography. Astonishing sceneries and the classic colorful fishermen boats are the major attraction of this beach.

Sunset on the beach in Essaouria


The scene from the ancient Portuguese fort, a break from the sun of Marrakech and the exotic vibe are all priceless experiences which you will get on visiting Essaouria. Not only this, this beach has the most classic wind surfing scenes which will further make your visit special full of thrill and adventure.

Collage of summer beach images  - nature and travel background (my photos)

El Jadida

This is another classic beach located near Marrakech in the Atlatic Coast. The hospitable environment and the cool breeze will give you a soothing and relaxing experience. People of this place are also very friendly which will further make you feel better.

Hassan II Mosque Casablanca, Morocco


This place is not only famous for its historic monuments and arts but also for the most classic beaches of all times. This place is located in the Atlantic coastline and has the classiest resorts being the financial and economic capital of Morocco.

The beaches of this place also offer the tourists a lot of adventurous and fun water sports activities. The sandy ground with a the soothing wind will give you a priceless experience and will really make you feel as if you are in paradise being in any beach of Casablanca.

Collage of summer beach images  - nature and travel background (my photos)

Asfiha, Al Hoceima

In the middle of the Rif Mountains surrounded by the Mediterranean coastline and the cool breezy wind is a lot more than any beach can offer. Although this is not a very good place for swimming as the water is shallow here, still the Spanish Island and a feeling of calmness will make your day perfect.



Located between two towns of Mirleft and Sidni Ifni this is Morocco’s most pleasant beach located of Agadir. The beautiful natural arches and the sandy stones along with the classic fish meals this beach is worth visiting and relaxing.

Morocco is indeed a land of beaches with the most exciting and exotic beaches. Hence, if you are also planning to take a break or to experience the most pleasant feeling then have a visit and have a happy trip to Morocco.