Atlas Mountains

October 7, 2017

The Great Atlas Mountains

The great Atlas Mountains cover a huge area extending in length till about 2500Km, across northwestern Africa showings its significance in countries like Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. This mountain has highly affected the temperature and climatic conditions of these places.

Not only this, the great mountains also divides the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean coastline from Sahara desert giving people a mixed comfort of both the deserts and the oceans. Many berber villages are located near the Atlas mountains with traditional culutr nd methodologies.

Morocco is a country which is highly affected by these mountains, and many tourists activities are introduced due to adventurous activities on the mountains and the hill stations with amazing scenes and sceneries.

The Physical Features of Atlas Mountains

Many planes and plateaus are enclosed in the Atlas Mountains with the shape of an extended oblong that results in many wonderful sights for the tourists. In the northern section of the Atlas Mountains, rainfall usually takes place in a considerable extent which has resulted in largest dense forest in these regions. This part is also called the Tell Atlas.

From west to east a series of mountains and cliffs are present inclusive of a moon-shaped arc in Morocco between Ceuta and Melilla.

The southern parts of the Atlas are mostly dedicated to the deserts which is why it is also known as the Saharan Atlas. Although covered with deserts these parts are also quite cool and favors a good climate for tourists to visit and enjoy the traditional folks of the city.


About the People Living in the Atlas Mountains

If seen from a daily point of view life of people living in the Atlas Mountains is not very easy. Many inhabitants have migrated to different places for experiencing better living conditions in the nearby regions but the Berbers have fought the inhospitable climate and has managed to earn a happily living life in these mountains.

The Berbers has not just survived but has also preserved their originality and integrity and one will always enjoy the traditional folks and culture of the Berbers on visiting the small towns and villages situated in the mountains.

The traditional culture and the hospitality of the Berbers will fascinate any individual who visit them and is sure to have an amazing experience.

Things to do in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

There is a lot to do in these mountains from animal rides to trekking. Apart from these one will also get to see the sunset and sunrise in the most beautiful manner. Also, the traditional culture and the festivals will be cherry on the cake which will further make your mountain trip worth it.

The varying climate and the different aspects of nature from the same location are truly amazing which can be experienced in the Atlas. So, do visit the Atlas on your trip to Morocco and have the countless fun in the mountains with the people enjoying the love of nature from a closer look.