October 7, 2017

Aghadier: The Beach City of Morocco

Being in the deserts and the sandy environment and not enjoying the peace of the beaches will be a bit unfair and so you got to go Aghadier, the place in Morocco with the best beaches where you can just sit for hours and in the sun and enjoy the beauty.

Apart from the beaches, there are beachfront bars, the beach buggy, camel ride and a lot more. So, let us now know more about this city and plan a good holiday

Geography of Aghadier

Aghadier is one the modern countries of Morocco located in the southern parts of Morocco. It is surrounded by Sahara desert on the Atlantic coast which has made this place worth for having a beach experience. The city used to be very beautiful but was destroyed in the earthquake in 1960 at the cost of around 15,000 people who were killed ruthlessly because of the stroke. This was then in the year of 1961 the reconstruction of this city was started with a basic structure keeping it simple. This disastrous story along with an exceptional experience of beach this place stands a way out from Casabalnca or Rabat.

Climate in Aghadier

July, August and September are the hottest in Aghadier and are not recommended by tourists to visit Aghadier during these hot periods. January and December are the coolest months whereas the months of March, April and May have a moderate temperature and are perfect for planning a trip to Aghadier. The highest temperature of Aghadier usually goes till 26C the lowest being 8C.

Places to Visit in Aghadier

There are many places in Aghadier which are worth to visit and have a calm feeling with the nature and the environment. Some of the must visit places in Aghadier are

Museum Municipal du Patrimoine Amazigh

This museum consists of the ancient Berber objects from 18th and 19th century along with the music instruments, jewelry and manuscripts. All these stuff are from ancient Berber time and are worth to see. You will also get to see the traces of destructing earthquake took place in Aghadier in another museum located near to Museum Municipal du Patrimoine Amazigh.

Ensemble Artisanal

To see the best Arabian and Moroccan artistry this place is the best to visit. You will get to see the masterpieces of the most amazing artistry, with a lot of painters and artists all around showing their talent and earning their lives. You deserve to have some Moroccan shopping and this place is best to have it.

Cocco Polizzi’s Medina

This Medina will let you see the Moroccan architecture closely and appreciate the efforts of the architects. Apart from this you can stay at a good and an affordable resort and have a pleasing experience at the beach with camel rides and the beach buggy.

Hence, with all these stuff you can just have an amazing trip to Aghadier with plenty of things to do and explore. So visit Aghadier and see the most beautiful Arabian beaches.